001 - Covid-19 Overreaction vs Panic

I held an art show in San Pedro just before the Coronavirus lockdown and mania swept into the area. It was interesting how a few days made all the difference. The difference in reactions reminded me of a solo showcase I had in San Diego.

This podcast comes at a bit of a weird time. We're in the midst of the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak in the United States. I recorded this just before  things started getting out of control. 

It starts with a discussion of how the WAM 2020 art show felt the effect of the pandemic.


That leads to a look back at an influential art show at Graffiti Beach in San Diego featuring the "Your Life..." painting, aka the GTA WASTED painting.

About halfway through, heavy business gets discussed and we get on with the business of a proper mindset in these times.

View the PDF of "Ethics of Precaution: Individual and Systemic Risk" with the following link (just scroll down to avoid their login process).


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